The CMP-4 crimping machine can be easily adjusted by the user for working with a wide range of profiles, including the most
challenging heavy duty types such as thermal break sections.

The machine is pneumatically operated with
two foot pedals, and can be simply handled by one operator. An automated clamping system
holds the profile in place to ensure clean and accurate crimping. Two articulated support
arms allow crimping of extremely wide frames.

The knives are fully adjustable in 3 axes, while the anvil is also movable on the horizontal and the vertical levels. A pair of knives (upper & lower) are installed on each side, for crimping thermal isolated double glazed profiles. 
Numerators are being used to control each movement, for easy returning to user-predefined positions.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request

Technical Specifications

Crimping Force
Operating Pressure
Approximate Weight

L x W x H
Maximum Profile Height
Anvil Block Stroke
Crimping Stroke

Anvil Feed:

Knives Feed:

Up to 80 KN
8 Bars
350 Kg

900 × 900 × 1100 [mm]
120 [mm]
50-70 [mm]
15 [mm]

0-30 [mm]
0-100 [mm]

0-30 [mm]
0-40 [mm]
0-80 [mm]