When punching hollow profiles, an internal support must be used, otherwise the profile will be distorted as a result of the punch. Shoham's punch tools for hollow profiles provide a suitable solution and support by an inner die. The die is permanently adjusted to a 1-2m long mandrel. When entering the profile through the mandrel, a perfect punch result can be achieved anywhere along the profile – up to 2m away from its edges.

The punch tool for hollow profiles is versatile and may include more than one mandrel (changeable), to accommodate different types of profiles. 

* In some cases, a hollow profile can be punched with no inner support. By using a cutter of our special 'support-free' tooling line, if the profile's geometry allows; it is possible to punch a hollow profile with no die inside. Naturally, since no mandrels are involved, the work is much easier and faster.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Press Weight
Mandrel Weight
L x W x H
Mandrel Rod Length

Up to 2.5 Tons
15-20 Kg
Approx. 2 Kg
Basic Manual Press
Up to 2m long


Used for perforating holes of locks and handles which are located away from the edges.

Additional Products

Additional Products
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