The ‘C’ shaped open pneumatic press provides an unlimited accessibility from both sides; suites oversized objects which require open space.

The machine is robustly built and excels with accuracy and high speed. All main shafts are made of chrome plated steel to ensure a lifetime-endurance.

Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request


  • Press Force up to7.5 tons (in steps of 2.5)
  • Increased stroke (over 45 mm)
  • Mechanical stopper for stroke limitation
  • Safety system for two hands operation

Album Cutting Unit

Tin lid punching unit

Removal Crossbar Blind

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Operating Pressure
Approximated Weight (without die-sets)
L x W: Standard Plate Dimensions
D: Throat Depth
H: Punch Initial Height
S: Standard Punching Strokes

Up to 5 Tons
7-8 Bars
80 kg
470 × 250 [mm]
Up to 150 [mm]
~130  [mm] (can be increased)
10-45 [mm] (can be increased)


Applications of perforating, shearing, joining or edge clearing for:

  • Steel, Aluminum and light metals
  • Mechanical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Jewelry industry
  • Light materials industries – Paper, Textile, Wood


Additional Products

Additional Products
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