A typical curtain wall system mostly includes a variety of complicated preparations, such as miter angles and step cuts. Each curtain wall frame must be well processed before its assembly; professional labor is required and long work hours when done properly.

Shoham's pneumatic press can eliminate the slow and tedious process and deliver with just a few simple stages. Shoham's Curtain Wall Press is regularly acquired by some of the world’s leading systems developers.


  • Drilling and cutting is spared on each and every punch
  • Guarantee fast and easy assembly for the mullions, transoms, pressure plates and covers
  • Economically prudent
  • Operator friendly -only one operator is required
  • Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

*Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Operating Pressure
Approximate Weight
L x W x H

Up to 5 Tons
7-8 Bars
90-100 kg
Basic Pneumatic Press



The machine is suitable for various types of curtain-walls profiles, such as: mullions, transoms, pressure plates and covers.

Additional Products

Additional Products
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