Shoham Machinery Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of tooling and machinery for the Aluminum and PVC industries. For over 30 years Shoham’s products have been supplying perfect punching solutions for complicated cutting and perforating requirements.

Shoham’s Manual and Pneumatic punching tools can be adapted for diverse applications. The majority of our products are designed to be utilized by aluminum and vinyl fabricators handling windows, doors, storefront and curtain wall systems. Aluminum and PVC profiles are our primary field of expertise; however, we are equally familiar with other types of metals and materials.

Shoham specializes in innovative and original solutions which are customized for the clients’ needs. All our presses and dies are manufactured under one roof, integrating top edge cutting technologies that are patent protected worldwide.

Shoham is the exclusive manufacturer of punching machines for the Israeli market. In addition we export 70% of our production to the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, South Africa, Australia and other countries around the globe.

Every Aluminum or Vinyl fabricator must perforate profiles to complete the assembly process. When being done manually, the perforating work is complicated and slow. On the other hand, a computerized CNC operation is extremely expensive.

Shoham’s punching tools offer the optimal solution – we provide the most efficient method for secondary processing of aluminum and vinyl extrusions before assembly.

Our designers have developed special techniques for punching through internal or external walls, accurately and rapidly. By using our punch presses you can achieve a professional outcome almost instantly (a typical punching cycle only takes a few seconds). Cut back on labor time and personnel, at minimum cost compared to CNC machining.

In addition, Shoham is capable in providing a tool with multiple dies around the press, utilizing all sides. The main reason for this tool structure is to incorporate as many operations as possible on one machine to save money and floor space.

Shoham’s tools are safe and simple to use, and perfect results can be easily obtained by anyone.

Therefore, the above mentioned advantages make our products indispensible for the common fabricator.

Experience – Over 30 years of experience in the field

Quality – Use of raw materials of the highest quality by Böhler Austria

Reliability – All production stages are carried out and supervised in house

Effectiveness – Easy to use equipment, fast and safe operation

Selection – Wide range of standard and customized models

Flexibility – Skilled engineering team that can provide customized solutions for special inquiries

Service – Quick and fast response for technical support, repairs and spare parts

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