This robust 4 columns pneumatic press was especially designed for industrial heavy duty requirements.

The press is larger and better constructed than the basic 2 columns model, and usually contains more punching stations.

Each heavy duty pneumatic press is offered for purchase individually, or along with our standard or custom made punch stations.

Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request


  • Press Force up to7.5 tons (in steps of 2.5)
  • Increased stroke (over 45 mm)
  • Mechanical stopper for stroke limitation
  • Safety system for two hands operation



  • Press Force: Up to 5 Tons
  • Operating Pressure: 7-8 Bars
  • Approximate Weight (without die-sets): Abt. 90 Kg
  • L x W x H: Dimensions: 600 × 450 × 720 mm

Optimized for industrial heavy duty requirements.