Pneumatic Punch Tools for Curtain Walls / Facade Systems / Commercial Systems

A typical curtain wall system mostly includes a variety of complicated preparations, such as miter angles and step cuts. Each curtain wall frame must be well processed before its assembly; professional labor is required and long work hours when done properly.

Shoham’s pneumatic punching machines can eliminate the slow and tedious process and deliver with just a few simple stages. 

Our tools can punch multiple applications:

  • Pressure Plates
  • Covers / Caps
  • Head / Sill Anchor
  • Shear Block / Clip
  • Holes in Mullions (including countersinks)
  • Notch Heads and Sills to Clear Anchor Clips
  • Water drainage and weep holes


  • Drilling and cutting is spared on each and every punch
  • Guarantee fast and easy assembly for the mullions, transoms, pressure plates and covers
  • Economically prudent
  • Operator friendly -only one operator is required
  • Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

*Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request