The Simultaneous Punching System is a smart and simple solution, that saves precious time and money. Work efficiency increases dramatically by perforating several points at once, with fast and accurate results on every cycle.

With a light structure, each punching unit is compact yet strong, for heavy duty continuous work with a press force of up to 1.5 Ton. The units slide smoothly with a soft finger touch, and can be locked in any position set by a measuring tape. 

The system has a failsafe fully pneumatic interface ‘Plug N Punch’ with no need for electricity, oil refills or maintenance. One foot lever can activate up to 8 pneumatic units at once, in just a fraction of a second.

Die sets are completely changeable, thanks to a revolutionary ‘Quick Clamp’ system developed by Shoham. A set can be switched in just a few seconds by simply sliding out the old set, and clamping on a new one instead. No need for any tools, extra pair of hands or experience, the ‘Quick Clamp’ system can be easily utilized by anyone.

Technical Specifications

Pneumatic Unit:
Press Force: 1500 KG
Operating Pressure: 7-8 Bars
Stroke: Up to 12 mm

Overall System Review:

High quality linear guides
Up to 8 easy sliding pneumatic units
Maintenance-free ‘Plug N Punch’ interface
Endless perforations options
Changeable die sets with Shoham’s new ‘Quick Clamp’ system
Adjustable spacers for any punching depth
High quality adhesive measuring tape
Automatic lubrication (optional)
Integral air container (optional)
Pneumatic foot pedal
Safety Guards