Shoham's manually operated hand tools can be used for various types of applications. Robustly built, the main shaft is made of chrome plated steel to ensure a lifetime-endurance.

A basic manual unit is offered to purchase individually, or along with a standard or custom made die set.

Die sets can be designed upon request and according to the perforated material. Regularly, a die set consists of a cutter (“male”) and a die (“female”). The “male” device mounts on the vertical main shaft (ram) in one of two possible options:

Configuration No. 1:

The device fits into a hollow inside the ram, secured in place by means of a set screw.

Configuration No. 2:

The device is attached with bolts to a welded plate.


* Throat Depth / Punch Height / Punching Stroke can be chosen according to customer's request. Length stops can be installed according to the desired measured lengths.

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Approximated Weight (without die-sets)
D: Throat Depth
H: Punch Initial Height
S: Standard Punching Strokes

Up to 2.5 Tons
10-15 Kg 
 65 / 100 / 155 / 200 [mm]
120 / 140 / 160 / 180 [mm]
 18 /   34 /   60 /    90 [mm]



Used industrially for perforating, shearing, joining or riveting of:

  • Steel, Aluminum and light metals
  • Mechanical applications
  • Electrical applications
  • Jewelry
  • Light materials – Paper, Textile, Wood

Additional Products

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