The Lock & Cylinder manual set belongs to the Lock & Cylinder unique line of products. The manual set includes two punch machines which are utilized to perforate essential slots for hardware (lock, cylinder and handle). In just a few fast and easy stages, Shoham's manual press is able to penetrate through complicated wide profiles with several internal walls. 

A pneumatic version is also available, please see Pneumatic Lock & Cylinder Press.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Approx. Press Weight
L x W x H
Mandrel Length
Punching Strokes

Up to 2.5 Tons
25-30 Kg
Basic Manual Press
Up to 2m long
Up to 100 [mm]



The machine is used for perforating slots to hardware of locks, cylinders and handles, especially in thermal isolated double glazed profiles.

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Additional Products
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