With a power of up to 5 tons, our standard pneumatic press machine can be utilized for a wide range of applications. The basic 2 columns model may include up to 12 die sets (stations), while each station executes a different punching operation (heavy duty 4 columns model is also available).

The basic pneumatic unit is offered for individual purchase, or along with our standard or custom made punch stations. Die sets can be designed upon request and according to the perforated material. Regularly, a punching station consists of a cutter (“male”) and a die (“female”). The cutters and the dies, both connected by bolts, are attached to the sliding plate and the base plate respectively.

To enable fast and accurate positioning of the work piece, length-stops can be installed on each station at the desired locations.

Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request


  • Press Force up to7.5 tons (in steps of 2.5)
  • Increased stroke (over 45 mm)
  • Mechanical stopper for stroke limitation
  • Safety system for two hands operation


Technical Specifications

Press Force
Operating Pressure
Bore Size [mm]
Approximated Weight (without die-sets)
L x W: Base Dimensions
C: Distance Between Columns
S: Stroke (piston travel)
H: Shut Height (end of stroke)

2.5 or 5 Tons
7-8 Bars
160 / 200
45 Kg
470-580 × 250-350 [mm]
250 / 310 / 360 [mm]
10-45 [mm] (can be increased)
~200  [mm] (can be increased)



Applications of perforating, shearing, joining or edge clearing for:

  • Steel, Aluminum and light metals
  • Mechanical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Jewelry industry
  • Light materials industries – Paper, Textile, Wood

Additional Products

Additional Products
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