The Pneumatic Lock & Cylinder (L&C) punch press is an integrated, multi-level, revolutionary machine for replacing copy routers.

The machine enables accurate positioning of perforations for hardware, to be done at once on both vertical & horizontal axes. In only one operation the inserted lock, cylinder and handle will perfectly match.

Standard layout includes:

  • Number of mandrels, and under plates for height adjustments
  • A cancellation system for allowing the operator to neutralize one or both of the horizontal cutters
  • A pneumatic clamping system to ensure clean cut lines
  • Each press can adjust several profiles, using varying combinations between mandrels and under plates

 Operating Combinations:

  1. Vertical level – Lock only
  2. Horizontal level – Cylinders (left and right, left only or right only)
  3. Both levels –  Lock & Cylinders


  • Versatile – Can accommodate multiple profiles, only mandrel change needed
  • Accurate – Exact location guaranteed, thanks to a unique pneumatic clamping system
  • User friendly – With no need to measure or adjust, just insert and punch!

A manual version is also available - Please see Lock & Cylinder Manual Set.

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Operating Pressure
Approximate Weight 
Dimensions (LxWxH)
*Including mandrel rod

Up to 5 Tons
7-8 Bars
115 Kg
1400 × 600 × 600 [mm]



For hardware of locks, cylinders and handles. To be used with profiles of wing, sash or cover.

Additional Products

Additional Products
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