The Labels Finishing pneumatic press represents the next generation in finishing and processing of labels. The machine is designed to punch or perforate labels in various types of materials, in different shapes and sizes.

A single machine is equipped with up to 12 die-sets, each for a different punch operation. Thanks to a unique shearing technique the finishing is done accurately, efficiently and homogeneously – also while working with extremely thick packets. A self-clear mechanism keeps the scarps away from the work surface.

*No need for further adjustments, no sharp edges, and no burr. 

*Standard layout includes a manually operated Pneumatic Valve.

A manual version is also available. Please see our Rounding Corners Punch Tool.


  • Convenient – Freeing of the operator’s other hand greatly improves the execution process, both in time and quality
  • Versatile – The machine includes various sets of die sets for different operations
  • Efficient – A unique design prevents the scraps from piling up and thus allows fast, smooth, uninterrupted work.

* Dimensions can be changed upon customer’s request

Directions & Accommodations

Punching Stations

Technical Specifications

Press Force
Operating Pressure
Approximate Weight
L x W x H

Up to 5 Tons
7-8 Bars
75 kg
Basic Pneumatic Press



The machine is designated to work with metal labels (such as Aluminum) or paper. A single pneumatic tool may include several stations, for rounding corners at changing radii, or punching holes in various shapes and sizes.

Additional Products

Additional Products
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